About me and my art

My name is Sarah Sollom and I live with my husband and dog, at the edge of the Cotswolds. Although I have not had a formal training in art, I constantly learn through experimentation as well as workshops and contact with other artists.  I am particularly interested in collage combined with acrylic paints and inks.  Inspiration  surrounds me wherever I go.  Apart from books, galleries and artists too numerous to mention, I love the shapes of trees in winter, skies, water, beaches, boats, grasses, reeds and reflections. I also love old doors and derelict buildings, crumbling sheds, windows and balconies, preferably those which have an unknown story.  My greatest inspiration has sprung from travelling around India.  My ‘Shanty Town’ range depicts the resourcefulness and exuberance of the poorest people and the contrasts between rich and poor. Since retiring from teaching, I have fulfilled contracts to write and illustrate educational materials.  I exhibit (and sell) my paintings and have carried out numerous commissions.  In my late sixties I am now training as a hypnotherapist.